FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Extrait and Ultime strength?

Our extraits are our standard perfume strength and quite strong. This is the strength our samples come in.

The ultimes are good for folks who have skin chemistry that 'eats' up scent very quickly or who have challenges getting longevity from perfume. Generally the sillage is a little bit more for ultimes. A little will go quite a long way.


What's the difference between 1oz Perfume Sprays and Alcohol Free Sprays?

The Alcohol Free Sprays are very much like the 1oz Perfume Sprays it's just that we use a different carrier. Alcohol Free Sprays are good if you have sensitive skin, like to wear your perfume in your hair, or if a perfume is shipping internationally (alcohol based perfumes are subject to heavy duty taxes). Both spray types last about the same and are generally stronger than Extrait, but not quite as strong as Ultime.