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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Extrait and Ultime strength?

Our extraits are our standard perfume strength and quite strong. This is the strength our samples come in.

The ultimes are good for folks who have skin chemistry that 'eats' up scent very quickly or who have challenges getting longevity from perfume. Generally the sillage is a little bit more for ultimes. A little will go quite a long way.


What's the difference between 1oz Perfume Sprays and Alcohol Free Sprays?

The Alcohol Free Sprays are very much like the 1oz Perfume Sprays it's just that we use a different carrier. Alcohol Free Sprays are good if you have sensitive skin, like to wear your perfume in your hair, or if a perfume is shipping internationally (alcohol based perfumes are subject to heavy duty taxes). Both spray types last about the same and are generally stronger than Extrait, but not quite as strong as Ultime.


What to do with the perfume vial stash?

Unloved perfumes are a condundrum. You don't really use them but you can't bring yourself to throw them out either so they sit around on your dresser or in a box and take up space. Mostly they just collect dust... and little bits of guilt. There's a number of ways to repurpose scents that don't work or rekindle romance with scents that you once loved and got bored with. Here's our top ten:

  1. Experiment with scent layering, either through using single layering notes or by trying blends of contrasting perfume oils (earthy scents to mute florals, smoky scents to mute sweets, etc.). You might just find your perfect signature scent.
  2. Dab some scent on unscented dryer sheets and make your laundry smell luxe
  3. Add a few drops to the rinse water of your hand washables
  4. Fragrance your home using oil diffusers
  5. Dab bits of blotting paper and stash in your car, linen closet, or dresser
  6. Put a few drops on a cotton ball then vacuum it up. Your house will get fragranced while you vacuum.
  7. Use for scented craft projects like DIY bath salts and potpourri
  8. Swap on Reddit, Makeup Alley, or other forums
  9. Add a few drops to your bathwater and have a luxuriously perfumed soak
  10. Host a perfume swapping party. Most folks have at least one bottle of something they don't like so much so it's pretty easy to get together a group of folks (everyone bringing one or two scents they don't love so much) and everyone switch up.


We gladly accept cancellations

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We don't accept returns or exchanges

But please contact us if you have any problems with your order.


Returns and exchange details

Please be aware that Alkemia's fragrances are blended to vary according to your individual skin chemistry. It is always advisable to order samples first if you're not sure that something will work. Due to the intimate nature of perfume extraits, Alkemia can't accept returns. If you have an issue with an order, please contact us so we can work something out on a case by case basis.


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