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About Our Carbon Neutral Shipping

We're a tiny company, but we do our best to do our part to take care of the environment and love our planet. One of the ways we do this is through carbon neutral shipping for all of our orders.

We do not use carbon offsetting because we believe that carbon offset projects are often not truly effective (in many cases, traditional carbon offsetting through renewable energy projects does not actually avoid emissions). Instead, we work in collaboration with Planet to support carbon removal and sequestration projects. 

How It Works: Every Alkemia order becomes part of a formula used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Examples of these carbon removal companies include:

  • Grassroots Carbon helping ranchers modify land management practices to improve soil and ecological health, which in turn captures and stores more carbon in soil. 
  • Mast Reforestation utilizing proven forestry practices (seed collection/seedling cultivation, reforestation, etc.) with new technology to regrow healthy, resilient, climate-adapted forests lost to wildfires. 

We also donate to Cool Earth to support Indigenous land stewardship with priority for Indigenous and rainforest-based communities working to secure threatened rainforest that, within 18 months or less, would otherwise be sold to loggers and ranchers.


 Art: Birch Grove and Sunlight Spots by Arkhip Kuindzi, c.1890