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July Sale Preview!



As we get ready to welcome you to our 8th Annual Clearing Out the Workshop Sale we wanted to give you a preview of our 2021 Arcanum Experiments and share some important details:


  1. Twenty-two incense resins including Dragon’s Blood, frankincense, myrrh, labdanum, and olibanum blended with black, gold, and red ambers; piney conifers; oudwood; oakmoss; single malt whiskey; tabac leaf; rum soaked vetiver root
  2. Herbaceous greens; sea salt; Spanish moss; dandelions; sage; santal; oceanic calone; sugar snap peas; maile leaf; wooly tweed; grey amber; French lavender; wormwood absinthe
  3. Dark-sexy floriental resins, dusky florals, and red roses; feral animalistic musks; golden amber; santal; dark patchouli
  4. A floriographic tussy-mussy of late spring flowers - peonies, honeysuckle, magnolias, wisteria blooms, alyssum, lily of the valley, apple blossoms, linden flowers with splashes of Silver Needle tea
  5. A tropical sunfest of white ginger, coconut cream, yellow lotus, white florals, lemongrass, plumeria, white musk, coconut musk
  6. White peaches, wild plums, black cherries, glace pears, blackberry cabernet wine, Black Forest currants, honeycomb, cut pineapple, paw-paws, raspberry leaves
  7. Medieval saffron honeycake, black cardamon, nutmeg, Scottish oatcakes, Saxon lemon tart, penydes, and a splash of mead
  8. Seven light and sensual musks with fresh green tea, Pekoe tea, purple tea, and rosewood
  9. White sugar musk, golden sponge cake, fresh berries, green figs, white patchouli, rosewater pudding 
  10. Soft rain, gentle ozone rising from a waterfall, fae aldehydes, meadow streams


This year we will have limited quantities of remaining monthly alchemies. We have a little more stock of Love and Luck and Afternoon Delight Alchemies, but many other monthlies only have a few bottles available. A Vintage Alkemia listing will be the place to find discontinued, vintage, and other Alkemia perfume rarities. By popular request we have re-release microbatches of Antares and Black Magic Woman. 


Most of our sale is happening at however we will have a limited selection of July sale offerings on our Etsy site including all of our 2021 Arcanum Experiments, a smaller group of monthly alchemies and discounted sale items, and our re-release microbatches. To ensure that your order gets to you with as few complications and VAT issues as possible EU and UK customers are strongly encouraged to place your orders on the Etsy Site. Orders that are not placed through our Etsy site may be seized by customs or have additional fees levied. Thank you for your understanding.


Avoiding Disappointment: Many quantities are extremely limited and rarer items tend to sell quickly. Items are not held in the shopping cart so we encourage you to complete your check out to ensure that you get any particularly coveted items. Due to our increased volume of July Sale orders we are unable to combine shipping on multiple orders.