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Alkemia's Past Monthly Alchemies

Our alchemies are experimental perfumes blended intuitively for the season and with no written recipe.
We release a new one every month and include them as a free gift with orders over $50 (before shipping). 
  1. January - Green Dragon Alchemy: Sometimes we fight our dragons, sometimes we just snuggle them. Embrace a New Year's resolution of well-being and balance with our Green Dragon alchemy. This harmonious blend features a Green Dragon Tea accord harmonized with light notes of Italian bergamot, vanilla grass, lemonwood, ginger musk, warm hay, and festive sparkles of golden ginger aldehydes.
  2. February - Alchemy of Love: A sensual enticement of Blackberry mousse, vanilla musk, praline, Tonka bean with a soft flirtation of star jasmine
  3. March - Jonquil Alchemy: Jonquil Alchemy evokes the spirit of returning spring with creamy white jonquils, grandiflora narcissi, Poet's daffodil, snowdrops, the bright verdancy of green daffodil stems and new grasses woven with the delicate fragrance of late witch hazel blooms and a whisper of vanilla musk. 
  4. April - Moss and Honey Alchemy: An offering of golden honey amid the greening foliage of ancient trees, bracken ferns, and dark carpets of plush mosses.
  5. May - Goddess Alchemy: A heavenly alchemy of white gardenias, ginger blossoms, coconut orchids, and vanilla planifolia.
  6. June - Amethyst Alchemy: A succulently purple blend of wild blackberries and black raspberries, Royal Velvet lavender, almond blossoms, sensual musk, and warm sandalwood.
  1. January - Sweet Fortune Alchemy: Sweet Fortune Alchemy is a celebration of crisp fortune cookies, creamy White Rabbit candy (for the Year of the Rabbit), vanilla musk, pandan, sweet rice cakes, and a tasseomancy of black tea leaves to welcome the new year with sweetness and joy.
  2. February - Rose Romance Alchemy: A love song of Moroccan red roses, black raspberry jam, and French vanilla.
  3. March - Viridescent Alchemy: A woodland wandering of fresh spring leaves, new grasses, dandelion stems, and the first white violets.
  4. April - Sugar Egg Alchemy: An intricate confection of sugar eggs, pastel marshmallows, berry fruit jelly beans, cherry blossoms, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, tonka, and creamy white amber.
  5. May - Tea Garden Alchemy: An elegant springtime tea party of green tea leaves, jasmine white tea, cascading cherry blossoms and delicate Japanese garden florals.
  6. June - Midsummer Honeysuckle Alchemy: A summer serenade of night blooming honeysuckle, dandelion greens, fresh cut grass, and soft summer breezes.
  7. July - Queen Bee Alchemy: The sweet, languid warmth of golden honey infused with heirloom red roses and wild star jasmine. 
  8. August - Watermelon Alchemy: Airy summer musk infused with fresh red watermelon and java apple.
  9. September - Pumpkin Alchemy: A fusion of handpicked Adriatic white figs, the exquisite sweetness of Musquee de Provence heirloom pumpkin, tiny bursts of red currants, velvety notes of butterscotch sycamore syrup, Madagascar vanilla layered with hints of nutmeg, clove, and Ceylon cinnamon, and warm woods
  10. October - Halloween Alchemy: In the heart of autumn woods under a full Sanguine Moon, the earthy scent of damp oak leaves and the evergreen crispness of juniper needles are ignited by Dragon's Blood incense, pipe tobacco and glowing flames of amber. Woven into these ritual elements are notes of caramelized pralines, candied Jamaican ginger, black cardamom, hints of pink pepper, and the sultry allure of star anise.
  11. November - Pear Tree Alchemy: The sweetness of honey-infused Asian pears, crisp Comice pears, candied fruits, Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla beans, spiced rum, and zesty citrus peel, embraced by the cozy autumnal beauty of blonde pearwood, cozy white amber, and a hint of creamy sandalwood.
  12. December - Gingerbread Alchemy: A warm and spicy embrace of gingerbread smouldering with nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, star anise, green cardamom pods, and cloves interwoven with sweet threads of black treacle, crystalized ginger, creamy butter toffees, and caramelized vanilla. At the center, a burning heart of golden frankincense and Bdellium myrrh incense rises to welcome the return of the light.
  1. January - Good Fortune Alchemy: Bright blessings to carry through the year - tangerine for joyful abundance, berries for life's sweetness, cloves for protection, star anise and Tonka beans for luck, cyclamen for compassion, peach for longevity, apples for knowledge, mint for wisdom, amber for courage and confidence, vanilla pod for love, cardamon to clear the burdens of the mind, vetiver for overcoming grief, rosewood to help with manifesting the heart's desire, and a splash of celebratory champagne. 
  2. February - Rose Musk Alchemy: A sensual alchemy of pangender musks and fresh hothouse roses.
  3. March - Vernal Alchemy: A springtide of bright yellow daffodils, purple hyacinths, and fresh green grass. 
  4. April - Lilac Alchemy: A vase of fresh cut purple lilacs and lilac musk. 
  5. May - May Queen Alchemy: Soft ozonic spring breezes rippling through a braided crown of fresh spring flowers, peach nectar, purple plums, bramble berries, hawthorn blossoms, birch leaves, rowan berries, and sweet woodruff wine. 
  6. June - Lavender Dreaming Alchemy: A Pride Month alchemy of history and symbolism - sheer summer florals, flirty skin musks, and playful aquatics with a streak of French lavender, bitten ripe peaches, and oranges on offering plates.
  7. July - Tidal Alchemy: Saltwater splashed linen drying in the summer sun, ozonic clouds whisping across blue skies, a splash of fresh green coconut water, and a zest of lemongrass.
  8. August - Dreamsicle Daydream: A summer reverie of melting orange creamsicles, fresh starfruit, saltwater taffy, sweet white sandalwood, and a faint whisper of salty oceanic ozone.
  9. September - Orchard Alchemy: An orchard harvest of ripe quinces and pears, luscious blackberry musk, freshly cut hay, vetiver root, and white patchouli.
  10. October - All Hallow's Eve Alchemy: Freshly toasted vanilla marshmallows, black licorice, candied fennel seeds, smokey caramel amber, brown sugar pralines, tonka, benzoin resin, and copper distilled patchouli.
  11. November - Hygge Alchemy: Applewood, green pumpkin, fallen oak leaves, candied ginger, autumn spicecakes, golden amber, dark patchouli, vetiver root, and tobacco leaf.
  12. December - Yuletide Alchemy: Balsam fir, frankincense, amber, spiced rum, candied fruits, holiday spices, bayberry candles, and cozy firewood.


  1.  January - New Beginnings Alchemy: Iris for courage and wisdom; heliotrope for love; lavender for serenity and peace; neroli flowers for healing of mind and spirit; and figwood for enlightenment with touches of tart cloudberry and mandarin orange peel softly illuminated by golden musks.
  2. February - Love and Luck Alchemy: A Lunar New Year alchemy of candied lotus root, sweet ginger, dried apricots, jackfruit, Madagascar vanilla beans, sugarcane, jasmine tea, and almond cookies.
  3. March - Crow Moon Alchemy: The scent of wet stones, feathers in a mud daubed bird nest, melting snow, damp fur, frozen early snowdrops, and the first shoots of sprouting plant life.
  4. April - Cherry Blossom Alchemy: A springtime haiku of cherry blossoms, sakura tea, delicate floral musk, and warm cherry wood.
  5. May - Spring Revel Alchemy: An aerial dance of white freesia, delicate lilies, spicy dianthus, and blue wisteria frolicking with breezy musks and fae floral aldehydes.
  6. June - Rainbow Alchemy: A celebration of life, love, and fabulousness - succulent raspberries and strawberries, a streak of wild lavender, calamus root, muskrose, heirloom roses, passionflower, and Queen of Spice.
  7. July - Ocean Alchemy: A relaxation of gentle oceanic breezes, clean sunbleached cotton, dry seaweed, wet sand, flowering freesia, and a touch of Kaizuka juniper.
  8. August - Blue Moon Alchemy: Musk Aldehydes Night-blooming jasmine Stargazer lily Green notes Indian sandalwood Datura.
  9. September - Harvest Fruits Alchemy: An autumn harvest of Vranja quince and Honey pears ripening alongside fresh cut hay drying in golden fields.
  10. October - Halloween Alchemy: Halloween spice cookies, apple butter, a dusting of pumpkin spice, oak leaves, pine needles, and a nostalgia of candy corn.
  11. November - Bayberry Alchemy: An old New England tradition involves burning bayberry wax candles on dark winter nights to bring ‘joy to the heart and gold to the pocket.” Our November Bayberry Alchemy blends the unique piney-spicy aroma of bayberries with chai tea, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, treacle, and cozy firewood to bring the delights of the season to heart and home. 
  12. December - Yuletide Blessing Alchemy: Traditional Yuletide offerings to welcome the return of the sun - decadently boozy fruitcake studded with golden pineapple, candied citron, apricots, cherries, and sugary dates; almond marzipan for love; honey for wealth; evergreens for health; cinnamon for good luck; bay for wisdom; cloves for friendship, and frankincense for gratitude. 


  1. January - Lunar New Year Alchemy: An auspicious blend of crisp fortune cookies, candied ginger, lotus seeds, lucky mandarin oranges, and fortune telling tea leaves.
  2. February - Enchantments Alchemy: Spiced plums, sugar pears, and black raspberries enrobed in sexy layers of blackberry musk, vanilla bean musk and white amber.
  3. March - Watercolor Alchemy: An olfactory watercolor of spring rain musk and floral aldehydes with early snowdrops, grape hyacinth, wisteria, lily of the valley, and narcissus with a touch of plum and green fig.
  4. April - Easter Egg Alchemy: Easter Alchemy featuring gourmand notes of chocolate bunnies, candy covered easter eggs, and other Easter basket delights.
  5. May - Flower Moon Alchemy: A lush bouquet of Verona tulips, fresh yellow daffodils, paperwhite narcissus, neroli orange flowers, stargazer lilies, and creamy white gardenias.
  6. June - Strawberry Moon Alchemy: A succulent alchemy of fresh wild strawberries and blackberry musk.
  7. July - Summer Daydream Alchemy: A sultry alchemy of fresh citrus, juicy apricots, vanilla orchid, and creamy white amber with a kiss of saltwater taffy.
  8. August - Afternoon Delight Alchemy: A leisurely summer afternoon filled with melty orange dreamsicles, soft green grass, and little puffy clouds of vanilla musk.
  9. September - Harvest Moon Alchemy: First fruits of the harvest - Gala apples, white peaches, early quince, Iberian pears, wild plums, warmed with a touch of autumn spices.
  10. October - Halloween Alchemy: Tasty delights and sugary treats, decanted into a potion sweet. A mystery feast, this Hallow's haul! Can you guess these scents of Fall?
  11. November - Woodland Spice Alchemy: A warm melange of autumnal spices, Maluku clove, bay leaves, bayberry, vegetal musk, and dry wood.
  12. December - Winter Solstice Alchemy: Dark Siberian fir and bright snow musk with elements of spicy bayberry, holly, fresh mistletoe, forest greenery, lemongrass, green fig, and matcha tea.