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Alkemia's International Ordering Guide

Alkemia ships to over 45 countries around the world and we do our best to offer exceptional customer service to our valued international perfume lovers. We understand that ordering from abroad can sometimes be a complex process, and we're here to help you along the way. Here are some things to know up front:

Order Processing and Shipping Time: When you place an international order with us, rest assured that we're working diligently to get your perfumes on their journey to you. However, it's important to note that orders typically take about 2 weeks for international delivery (3 weeks to Asia). At times, we've had shipments take as long as 6-8 weeks depending on various factors (extreme or severe weather, holiday mail traffic, etc.). We appreciate your patience during this time, and if you have any concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

About US Taxes: The US is different from most other countries in that sales tax is not typically included in the price of the item and is instead added on at the end of a checkout process. This is because each US state has a different tax rate. We do not automatically add taxes for international orders as these are paid in the destination country.

About US Measurements: The United States is one of the three countries in the world that doesn't use the metric system. Thus, US measurements include oddities like liquid ounces (1oz = 29.57 ml), ounces (1oz = 28.34g), and inches (1" = 25.4mm), etc. This calculator converter can help with any related maths.  

VAT and Processing Fees: For orders placed on our website, please be aware that the listed prices do not include VAT (Value Added Tax). If you're a resident of an EU country or the UK, your local customs might impose VAT and processing fees upon arrival. To avoid any unexpected charges, we recommend exploring our Etsy site, where VAT is included at checkout for orders under $200 USD. This ensures a seamless shopping experience without the worry of additional fees. It's important to understand that customs or duty fees are beyond our control and are determined by your home country's regulations. While we cannot prevent these charges, ordering from our Etsy site with included VAT can help mitigate any potential surprises.

UK Customers: We are in the process of an application for UK VAT number but as of the moment, we don't have one. Please place orders under £135.00 on the Etsy site. For orders over £135.00/$200 the VAT will be applied in the UK.

Shipping Weight and Costs: Our shipping costs are based on weight, and packages are always the least expensive up to 200g, after which the price jumps to the next level. This generally translates to around 5 bottles or sample sets for the less expensive route. If your order is close to the weight limit, our shipping calculator might estimate the cost at the next level. However, rest assured that we'll adjust or refund any discrepancies when we weigh your package prior to shipping.

Our Shipping Services: We ship international orders using the United States Postal Service and/or Global Post which is an international network of delivery providers. We find UPS and Federal Express to be prohibitively expensive for shipping costs (typically $100+ USD) and recommend using USPS priority international or priority international express service as alternatives. Unfortunately, we do not have a DHL facility located anywhere near our operations so we are unable to offer shipping services through DHL.

Special Advice for Canadian Customers: For our valued customers in Canada, we highly recommend considering the prepaid duty and customs option. This convenient choice ensures that Canadian orders are delivered directly to your doorstep, bypassing potential hassles with the post office or extra processing fees (such as the $9.95 fee occasionally charged by Canada Post).

Special Advice for Customers from Romania, Poland, and Ireland: For reasons unknown to us, we've recently had multiple experiences with packages not arriving in Romania, Poland, and Ireland. We strongly recommend ordering through our Etsy site as we've had a higher success rate using Etsy's delivery providers.

Insurance for Your Peace of Mind: We want you to feel confident when ordering from us, which is why we include insurance on packages valued at over $100 USD. If your order falls below this value and you'd still like insurance coverage, simply get in touch with us at customercare@alkemiaperfumes.com, or leave us a "note to seller" about this at checkout, and we'll be happy to assist. 

Our Commitment to You: While we do our utmost to ensure smooth carbon neutral shipping and delivery of our perfumes to you, we should clarify that we're not responsible for any packages that are lost or go missing during transit. Global postal systems can be unpredictable, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter. If it seems like your package is not moving or simply didn't arrive when the tracking indicated, please reach out to us at the email above. If you receive a damaged package, please notify us within 48 hours and retain the package, all materials, and the items for insurance purposes.

Commercial Shipping Regulations and Customs Declarations: As a commercial shipper, it's essential for us to adhere to international shipping regulations and customs requirements. Therefore, please note that we are unable to adjust the values on customs forms for your orders.

Customs declarations are a legal requirement and help ensure the smooth movement of goods across borders. Accurate declarations also help prevent delays and facilitate proper assessment of any applicable duties or taxes by your country's customs authorities. Rest assured, we're committed to providing you with a reliable and trustworthy shopping experience, while simultaneously abiding by these regulations .

International Reshipping: Some of our international customers report being able to save quite a bit on their international shipping and import fees by using third party reshippers like ShopandShip.com which allow us to ship orders at US shipping prices (the reshipper takes care of the customs labeling, etc.).

Thank You! We appreciate your understanding, patience and cooperation in this matter, and we're here to assist you in any way we can, whether it's regarding customs declarations or any other aspect of your international order. If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at customercare@alkemiaperfumes.com.

We're thrilled to have you as part of the Alkemia Perfumes family and are dedicated to making your international shopping experience as delightful as our fragrances themselves.

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