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Pheromone Alchemy P26

Pheromone Alchemy P26

P26 is an elixir of the finest masculine pheromones is our pheromone for those who are Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB) or who are transitioning and who wish to attract women and/or queer men

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P26 is an elixir of the finest masculine pheromones is our pheromone for those who are Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB) or who are transitioned/ing and who wish to attract women and/or queer men. 

Pheromones are the human attraction chemicals naturally produced by our bodies. These bio-chemical messengers are subconsciously detected through our sense of smell and play a powerful role in how we respond to each other. They are meant to enhance one's natural body chemistry in a way that inspires desires, passions, and indecent thoughts and to create an inviting aura of sexual attractiveness.

Single pheromone blending is a complex alchemy and getting the balance right is a very delicate process. After lots of research, we created this proprietary formula using only the finest laboratory grade estratetraenol, alpha and beta androstenols, and other secret ingredients. Our testers have reported that P26 beautifully compliments gender transition.

Directions: Our pheromone blends have no noticeable scent but they are veeerrrry concentrated. More is not better. Apply ONE swipe either alone or mixed with your favorite perfume oil or cologne to each of the pulse points behind the ears and the center of the breastbone/sternum (three swipes total). Reapply in 1-2 hours if needed, up to nine swipes.

Our pheromone ingredients are of the highest quality that we could find. It was a lot more expensive, but we insisted only on working with reputable labs that adhere to the highest standards. Our pheromone blends do not contain any animal ingredients because they are designed to attract and inspire other humans (in our research we discovered that some of the pheromone blends on the market today are derived from synthesized pig ingredients). 

In the interest of full disclosure, there are a few people for whom pheromone products don't work on for reasons not understood (either they already have enough natural pheromones, prescription medication interaction, or just a slightly different chemistry).  P26 comes packaged in 4.5 ml stainless steel rollerball 

Art: Le Verrou (The Bolt) by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1777