Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale - Remaining Arcanum Experiments only $6!

2022 July Sale

Welcome to the 2022 Alkemia July Sale! We know you will find all kinds of delights here, both new and old! A quick note about checking out and planning your shopping:

The shopping cart will not reserve items so if you want something, check out quickly. If multiple people are checking out with the same item sometimes our website glitches and oversells the quantity. We know it's really disappointing, but if this happens, the only thing we can do is refund you for the item. Vintage items with larger quantities will have individual separate listings.

Many of our sale perfumes have ingredients that are no longer available (the last of our beloved Blackberry Noir are in the vintage bottles listing!). We want to share the olfactory joy and keep things as fair, so we reserve the right to limit quantities sold.

Thank you all and happy shopping!