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Perfumed Enchantments: 8 Unconventional Places You Never Thought to Apply Perfume

Perfume is more than just a scent; it's an expression of your individuality, moods, and unique style. It's an olfactory communicator that can make a statement, send a message, or evoke a feeling. While most of us are familiar with the classic perfume pulse points like the wrists and neck, there's untapped potential to be found elsewhere on the body. These secret spots can enhance your perfume experience, making fragrances last longer and leaving memorable impressions.

In this blog post, we'll map eight unexpected body areas to wear perfume, exploring why they work so effectively.


1. Your Hair

Why this works: Wearing perfume in your hair adds a touch of luxury to your fragrance routine. Hair is porous, and it can hold onto scent for an extended period, releasing it subtly as you move. Because hair does not have sweat glands, perfumes tend to stay truer to the scent from the bottle. For this reason, if you have a beloved perfume that hates your skin chemistry, we recommend perfuming one's hair. Wearing perfume in your hair creates a sensual trail of fragrance that subtly captures the attention of those around you. 

How to apply: Spritz a small amount of perfume into the air and walk through the mist, allowing it to settle gently onto your hair. Alternatively, you can apply alcohol-free perfume directly to your hairbrush and run it through your locks. Perfume extraits and oils can be applied simply by adding a few drops to the palms and smoothing through one's hair (paying particular attention to the underside where hair touches the neck). Repeat as needed until you have the level of sillage you want. 

Our favorite hair perfumes: 

Many hair products and shampoos have added fragrances so it's important to select a scent that layers well with other scents. This of course makes layering note perfumes ideal choices. Many people like 'clean' aquatics and musks like Whisper of Stars and Kitten and the Falling Leaves or soft tropicals like Paradise or Aurora for everyday. Soft vanilla or amber-based scents like Moon Lust or Ghost Fire add an alluring, sexy element for date nights. People who prefer more gender-neutral or masculine notes often enjoy woods and woody aquatics like Mist Becoming Rain, Dust of Snow, and Arabesque.

 2. Back of Your Neck

Why it works: The back of the neck is an ideal spot to apply perfume because it's a warm area near the constant movement of one's hair, which helps to diffuse the fragrance and surround you with a unique olfactory vibe. When you walk past someone or hug them, the subtle scent trail you leave behind is a statement of your presence. Because the perfume is not directly under the nose, we recommend this method for people who are more sensitive to scent or for people who prefer to have their perfume as a more ambient experience.

How to apply: A dab or light spritz on the nape of your neck is all you need. As your hair moves, it will release the fragrance, creating an alluring aura around you. If you're wearing a hair perfume, we recommend repeating the same scent or using a layering note perfume to the back of the neck to prevent an overload of differing fragrance notes.

Our favorite nape of the neck perfumes:

Because the back of the neck is located away from the nose, it's a great place to experiment with stronger scentsluscious gourmandsincenses, and complex compositions like Silken Tent, Venym, or Cherries of Night

3. Inside Your Elbows

Why it works: The inside of your elbows is a pulse point just like your wrists, but it's often overlooked. The warmth of this area intensifies the perfume, and the bend of the elbow creates a mini-scent chamber, ensuring the fragrance evolves beautifully throughout the day. This is a great alternative to wearing perfume on the wrist if you like to wash your hands a lot because the scent won't get washed away. We especially like inner elbows for wearing perfumes in the office or professional environment because if you're standing near a conference table or desk, your elbow will be near nose level. 

How to apply: Gently dab or spray a small amount of perfume on both inside elbows and let your natural movements do the rest.


Our favorite inside elbow perfumes: For those who practice body-mind awareness, the elbows are associated with pursuing and achieving personal goals. We like scents that communicate competence, confidence, and feel grounding and empowering like Big Sur, Moss Maiden, Inner Sanctum, and Ammil. Some people like to take it to the 'don't f*ck with me' level with more avant-garde scents like Athame or The Raven.

 4. Behind Your Ears

Why it works: Behind the ears is a classic pulse point, but it deserves a mention because it's incredibly effective. The heat from this area helps disperse the fragrance in a lovely, face-framing way that makes the scent noticeable without being overpowering. It's especially effective for situations where there may be hugging or close body contact involved (social events, date nights, concerts, clubs, etc.) - especially when one wants to be sure that one's scent will create a memory. For this reason, we particularly recommend this for first dates or first meetings. 

How to apply: Apply a tiny amount of perfume behind each earlobe and at the tops of the ears. Don't be surprised if people want to linger in a hug.


Our favorite behind-the-ears perfumes: This is the go-to place to wear your signature perfume as well as any enhancing pheromones. Like a status update on social media, perfume worn in this area communicates whatever personal message you wish to convey to the world. Out-of-the-ordinary scents like Bibliotheca and Dark Academes or aroma molecules like Supernatural often start interesting conversations. Softly alluring scents like Surcie or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, invite a "double hug" where someone involuntarily give you a second or extra long hug because they want to enjoy your fragrance. Worn behind your ears, Your Skin But Better perfumes create a subtle scented 'glow' that is like the 'no makeup look' in fragrance form.

5. Your Solar Plexus

Why it works: The solar plexus, located just below the sternum, is a surprising but effective spot for perfume application. It's where the body's energy is centered, and it's close to your heart, making it a deeply intimate choice. We like the way scent gently radiates upward with body heat making it ideal for wearing under layers. For this reason we especially like this way of wearing perfume in the autumn and winter.

How to apply: Gently dab or spray a small amount of perfume on your solar plexus, and you'll have a secret fragrance that only those closest to you will discover.

Our favorite solar plexus perfumes: It's easy to lose a sense of connection to our true self - especially when we have to be in environments that feel depersonalized. Solar plexus perfumes help to anchor us emotionally, remind us to be true to our inner being, and help protect our heart center. The solar plexus area is ideal for wearing perfumes that feel both grounding and cozy like Bronze and Blaze, Persian Tearoom, or Encircling Flame. Nature lovers often like to bring the outdoors close with nature-inspired scents like Dryad, Gaea, or Lover Tells of Rose. Some people like to wear talismanic perfumes like Hexennacht, Sigil, or Nature of the Beast.

6. Down Your Back

Why it works: Applying perfume down your back may seem unconventional, but it can be sensuous and intriguing. It's especially useful for intimate occasions when someone might be close enough to appreciate the fragrance trail you create.

 How to apply: Use a rollerball or ask a trusted friend to help you apply perfume in a straight line from the nape of your neck down to your lower back. This sexy technique will leave an irresistibly tantalizing aroma trail and pairs well with crop tops, backless dresses, halter tops, swimsuit/sarongs, and kaftans. We recommend this technique for date nights (obviously) but also for romantic barefoot summer evenings and elegant parties involving evening gowns.

Our favorite back perfumes: Sultry perfumes and summery perfumes like Come to Me, Sea Girl, Dangerous Peach, Moon Lust, and Electric Fur are perfect for wearing down the back. Many people also enjoy sexy gender-neutral and masculine perfume choices like The Libertine, Academy of Pleasure, Caveau de Innocents, and Romance of Lust.

7. Backs of Your Knees

Why it works: The backs of your knees may not seem like an obvious choice, but it's a perfect spot to pair with any bare-legged outfit - especially involving skirts, flowy dresses, shorts, or sarongs. This area is highly vascular, which means it radiates heat and amplifies your perfume's projection, while the distance from the nose keeps the scent from becoming cloying. We highly recommend this technique for hot summer days or any hot/humid environment.

How to apply: Gently dab or spray perfume behind both knees and as you move, the scent will waft up around you, creating an enchanting aura.

Our favorite back-of-the-knee perfumes: Light perfumes and summery perfumes like This Summer Night, Midnight Garden, Sea Girl, and The Lady's Yes are ideal for everyday back of knee wear. Festival environments can invite heavier perfumes that harmonize with natural sweat like Hippie Spirit, Patchouli Amour, or Femme Sauvage. If you have a signature perfume that's on the stronger side, moving it down to the knees in summer is a way to ensure that it never gets cloying.

8. Your Ankles

Why it works: Your ankles are closer to the ground, which means your perfume will linger at a lower level making it a good choice for subtle fragrance diffusion. It will also help mask the smell of sweaty feet. Wearing perfume on the ankles is an ideal choice for working out at the gym or for dancers or anyone who will be on a stage. 


How to apply: Apply perfume to your ankles, and the scent will follow your footsteps, leaving a delicate trail.

 Our favorite ankle perfumes: We especially like lighter and fresher scents like Winterling, Black Iris, Tulips and Chimneys, and Taste of Rain for wearing at ankle level. Scents with cedary elements like Inner Sanctum or Shinrin Yoku are helpful for folks with extra sweaty feet. Or you can tiptoe through the green grass with Vert Sur Le Vert!


Whether you're mixing different fragrances or using your favorite signature perfume on each spot, incorporating these unexpected body areas into your perfume application routine can elevate your olfactory profile to a whole new level. Whether you're aiming to make a lasting impression, create an aura of mystery, or simply enjoy the subtle nuances of your favorite scent, this fragrance map can help you achieve your unique perfume 'signature.'

Remember, when applying perfume, it should complement your natural aroma, not overwhelm it. Additionally, consider the type of perfume you're using; some scents may be more suitable for certain spaces than others. Experiment, find what works best for you, and enjoy weaving your perfumed enchantments.


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