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The Enigmatic Perfumes of Morgan le Fay: Fragrance Notes of a Sorceress

Morgan le Fay, the legendary sorceress of Arthurian tales, is a figure shrouded in mystery and power whose origins blend Celtic mythology with Arthurian legend. First mentioned in the 12th century, Morgan is a benevolent healer, shapeshifter, scholar, and mathematician residing on the mystical Avalon. She is described as a woman of great intelligence and eloquence. Over subsequent centuries, her healing gifts and intellectual brilliance become intertwined with perilous seduction and power. She shifts from Arthur’s savior to becoming a formidable adversary, employing demonic forces, seductive schemes, and outright treachery to undermine Camelot. As paradoxical as her Fae namesake, she is also the one who tenderly prepares Arthur's body and brings him back to Avalon for burial. 

Morgan le Fay is closely associated with the otherworld of the Fae. Unlike modern depictions of fairies as cute and harmless, the Fae in Celtic and British Isle folklore are beings of tremendous and dangerous power. Encounters with the Fae can be fatal or fortunate depending on their whim and/or on the level of respect with which they are approached.

Our imagining of Morgan le Fay's perfume fragrance profile reflects her multifaceted brilliance and shapeshifting character - steeped in powerful magic, ancient wisdom, and deep connection to nature. Here’s our exploration of the perfumes fragrance notes that embody her spirit:



Earthy and Woody Notes

"In the forest deep, Morgan speaks with the voice of the earth itself."

Morgan le Fay was an earthly enchantress, deeply rooted in the ancient wisdoms of her Indigenous land. Her bond with the earth is threaded throughout Arthurian tales, where she often appears in enchanted forests or her mystical island of Avalon. Earthy perfume notes like patchouli and vetiver reflect her skill with earth magics, while woody scents like sandalwood and cedarwood evoke the fragrance of sacred earth rites. Perfumes for Morgan le Fay as earthly enchantress:

Herbal and Green Notes

"With herbs in hand, she conjured health and harm alike."


Morgan le Fay was capable of both healing and hexing. Renowned as a healer and herbalist, her knowledge of plants and herbs was legendary. Green perfume fragrance notes reflect her healing prowess while floral notes with darker elements hint at her much feared capacity to poison or curse. Perfumes for Morgan le Fay as herbalist and green witch:

Floral and Aquatic Notes

"Fair as the rose, yet deep as the ocean."

Morgan le Fay's femininity blended otherworldly beauty with an ethereal seductiveness. Floral perfume notes such as jasmine, rose, and neroli capture her captivating charm and the softer side of her power.  Freshwater aquatic perfume notes bring echoes of her connection to the Isle of Avalon, a place of misty veils and mystical waters. Perfumes for Morgan le Fay as otherworldly lover:

Spicy and Incense Notes

"In her presence, the air thick with incense and power..."

The sorceress's mysterious and seductively compelling spirit is perfectly matched with rare medieval spice notes like black pepper, clove, and cinnamon that mirroring her intense nature. Incense notes like myrrh, frankincense, and benzoin evoke the sacred aspect of her magic and her role as a high priestess and the ceremonial aspect of her magic. Our choices for perfumes for Morgan le Fay as seductive and powerful sorceress:

Enigmatic and Unusual Notes

"A creature of contradictions, as changeable as the moon and as deep as the forest's heart..."

Morgan le Fay's enigmatic and paradoxical aspects call for unusual and rare fragrance notes that capture her mystical and occasionally perilous aura. The ethereal uniqueness of aroma molecules nod to her Fae association while medieval themed fragrances call forth her life in a different time and place. Perfumes for Morgan le Fay as medieval enigma and mystery include.


    Through these scents, we imagine Morgan le Fay: a figure of beauty, creativity, and danger, her essence intertwined with the natural, supernatural, and the unpredictable fate woven by her Fae connections (and lineage?). Her fragrances, like her legacy, are a complex range that hint at a nature both nurturing and nefarious, echoing the dichotomies of the Fae themselves. 




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