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I Am Made Strange Again Perfume

I Am Made Strange Again Perfume

Cactus flower, Desert lily, Ambrette, Geranium, Moonflower, Mandarin

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Complex and morphing - cactus flower, desert lily, ferns, gnarled cypress roots, ambrette, geranium peony, moon flower, sweet olive, mandarin, nicotania, tobacco flower, coriander, saffron, nutmeg, salt rose, rosewood, and amberwood.

Now I am made strange again
With the old-time wildness.
Spring, that loves the hearts of men,
Save me by thy mildness.
Nay, thou art not mild!
Thou art not any child.
Untamed art thou and swift to run,
Exquisite — savage as the sun.
A golden beast, in jungles of warm air
I make my natural lair.
Last night, in forests of the wind
I kept my watch and ranged.
With haughty eyes I viewed my kind,
Magnificent, estranged.

Art: The Death by Nikolai Kalmakov, 1913