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July Sale 2024 - Our Latest Experiments, Tips for Shopping, and More...


This year will feature 2024 Arcanum Experiments, a selection of monthly alchemies remaining from past years, a selection of archival vintage discontinued and rare scents, and small batch re-blends of Tuesday in Trieste, An Autumn Wandering, Vixen, Golden Phoenix, 1891, and other special surprises. 

Most of our sale is happening at alkemiaperfumes.com however a limited selection will be on our Etsy site including: 2024 Arcanum Experiments, some past monthly alchemies, re-release microbatches, mystery bottles, and a smaller assortment of discounted sale items.

Many of our sale perfumes have ingredients that are no longer available. We want to share the olfactory joy and keep things fair, so we reserve the right to limit quantities sold.





Our July alchemy is Coconut Alchemy, a summer tropical blend of fresh white coconut, sugarcane, baby bananas, tuberose, and gingerflower, will be available as a gift with purchase for orders over $50 (excluding shipping). 




Pre-planning Tips for Shopping Alkemia's July Sale

This is a once-a-year event, and things move fast, so here are some tips to help you plan and prioritize your choices: 


    • Limited quantity vintage perfumes and older monthly alchemies move quickly and some are extremely limited in quantity. If you are a collector of vintage and rare items, the Past Alchemies and Vintage/Rare/Limited listings should be your first stops. 
    • Backstock perfume sprays are discontinued or current catalog perfume sprays that we are clearing out to make extra room on our shelves. They are first-quality and this is a rare opportunity to get a great deal on some favorite perfumes or to try something new. Inventory is limited so if you're budget-minded the Non-Alcohol Spray and Classic Alcohol EDP Spray listings should be your first/second stop.  
    • Arcanum Experiments are perfuming experiments and happenstance musing from our workroom. None of these formulas are written down, making each Experiment unique and unrepeatable. 2024 Arcanum Experiments are fewer and in lesser quantities than previous years. We still have some 2023 Experiments available, and these will be offered at super-low, blowout sale pricing. If you love to collect unusual and limited edition perfumes and are on a tight budget, consider heading over to the 2024 and 2023 Experiments listings on either our regular or our Etsy sites.
    • Mystery bottles are another fun and inexpensive way to try something different. Mystery bottles are either current or discontinued catalog perfumes. Some may even be special reserves. Because we don't know what's in the bottles, we cannot guarantee that you won't get two of the same scent if you order more than one, so plan accordingly. We also can't guarantee that we'll know what it is if you fall in love with it. These make fun gifts for either yourself or for friends. 
    • Re-release perfumes are available in larger quantities and on both our regular and Etsy sites. New this year, a select few of our most requested re-releases will be available in larger 1oz bottles and a limited quantity of samples of re-releases will be available separately in the listings. If you are seeking to restock an old favorite or are interested in trying something from our archives, consider perusing our re-blended offerings. Although samples will be available in individual listings, re-release blends are not available in build-your-own or customizable sample sets. 
    • Quantities vary for our discontinued/last chance perfumes, but most are available on both our regular and Etsy sites, and for a limited time we will be offering a special discount on these. If you are looking to score a special deal or want backup bottles of a sunsetting favorite we recommend perusing our discontinued section.

    Important Things To Know

    • First come, first served: To keep things fair, we process orders according to when they are received. Please note that because of this, if you order priority shipping, you will not automatically jump to the front of the packing queue.
    • Items are not held in your shopping cart:  We encourage you to complete your checkout quickly to ensure that you get any particularly coveted items. If multiple people have a limited item in their cart, the website will allocate it to whomever checks out first.
    • Oversold items: If an item is oversold or becomes unavailable (this sometimes happens if two or more people are trying to purchase the same item at once) we will issue any refunds when we process your order. We apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience this might cause.
    • Shipping: Due to our increased volume of July Sale orders, we are unable to combine shipping on multiple orders or take special requests for samples.
    • Changes to orders: It’s extremely difficult to change an order after it’s been placed, and in many cases, it might not be possible. Our packing team truly appreciates your patience and understanding about this.
    • Response to messages can be delayed: We thank you in advance for your patience, as our focus on order fulfillment leading up to and during the sale can make us a little slower to respond to messages.
    • Shipping times are a little slower: Know that our packing team is working hard for you, but the volume of July Sale orders increases our turnaround time significantly. We will be sure to get your orders out to you as soon as it is humanly possible. 
    • EU and UK International Ordering: As a reminder, our prices do not include VAT. If you are ordering from an EU country or the UK and your order is under $200 USD, we recommend placing your VAT-inclusive order on our Etsy site. If your order is greater than $200 USD, you may order through our regular site and VAT will be added by your country’s customs prior to delivery.
    • Canadian International Ordering: If you are ordering from Canada, we recommend purchasing our Canadian Prepaid Customs listing along with your order. This will save you extra customs fees and expedite the delivery of your order. 



    • Reaching for the Moon by Edward Eggleston, 1933
    • Girl with Elves by Maxfield Parrish, 1918
    • "I am Kexy, friend of fairies" by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite,1922