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Viridis Arcanum Perfume

Viridis Arcanum Perfume

Dark green galbanum resin, Russian leather, Siberian forest conifers

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A dark green perfume mystery of Turkish galbanum incense resin, Russian leather, and the fresh tips of coniferous Siberian Forest greens.

And stand there, huger, blacker, statuesque,

While watching from the green margin of our home

The far-off mountain crumbles to a husk

And plunging down we seek our dark-green gloom

What frog or fish or monster am I grown

That while the day's last rope last hope recedes

I swim in strangeness and I do not drown!

My mind is but a waving of green weeds.

-- Douglas Stewart


Art: Allegory of Medical Science by Robert Auer, 1914