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For Love of Winter Perfume

For Love of Winter Perfume

Luminous white amber, Snow musk, Candy canes, White chocolate pearls

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A warm winter layer of luminous white amber and cool snow musk with hints of candy canes and white chocolate pearls.

“But now she loved winter. Winter was beautiful ""up back"" - almost intolerably beautiful. Days of clear brilliance. Evenings that were like cups of glamour - the purest vintage of winter's wine. Nights with their fire of stars. Cold, exquisite winter sunrises. Lovely ferns of ice all over the windows of the Blue Castle. Moonlight on birches in a silver thaw. Ragged shadows on windy evenings - torn, twisted, fantastic shadows. Great silences, austere and searching. Jewelled, barbaric hills. The sun suddenly breaking through grey clouds over long, white Mistawis. Ice-grey twilights, broken by snow-squalls, when their cosy living-room, with its goblins of firelight and inscrutable cats, seemed cosier than ever. Every hour brought a new revelation and wonder.”

― L.M. Montgomery, The Blue Castle

Art: Dreamer of Dreams by Edmund Dulac, 1915