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Fixative Noir - Special Limited Edition

Fixative Noir - Special Limited Edition

For Increasing Perfume Longevity with a touch of Incense

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This limited noir edition of our fixative is specially formulated to extend wearing time for perfumes with incense and resinous base notes. Our fixative is NOT odorless (the smell has a brisk initial wintergeen-incense resin quality but will subside and blend into the notes of your perfume). The scent should be able to blend well with most perfumes (including non-Alkemia perfumes) with prominent notes of incense, dark resin, patchouli, and/or dark amber. Like our perfumes, our fixative is petroleum, alcohol, phthalate, and paraben-free blend of natural essences and safe synthetics.

In perfumery, fixatives are used to retain fragrance on the wearer for as long as possible by slowing down the evaporation rate of the perfume's aromatic components.

How to use: Dab or spray very lightly onto the areas of skin where you wear your perfume and blend. The fixative will absorb quickly and optimize the preparation of your skin by providing an undercoat of smoothness and moisturization. Allow a minute for absorption and then apply your favorite perfume.

"I am resolved that thou shalt learn 
To trust my strength as I trust thine; 
I am resolved our souls shall burn, 
With equal, steady, mingling shine..."

-- Charlotte Bronte

Art: Parfum by Jean Dunand, c. 1927