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Magic & Mystery Sample Set

Magic & Mystery Sample Set

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An atmospheric collection of ancient mysteries, bohemian rhapsodies, and sanctums of spirit.

Arabesque: Beautifully aged Arabian sandalwood, Mysore sandalwood, Egyptian kyphi, sweet orris root, benzoin resin, cassia, and blessed spikenard

Arcanum: An enigma of frankincense, nag champa, dragons blood, eastern spices, aged dark patchouli, and sandalwood

Book of Shadows: A biblichor of eldritch books - heavy parchment paper, ancient iron oak gall ink, crumbling leather bindings, and wafts of rare incenses

Gothique: A Byzantine monastic incense of Somalian frankincense, styrax benzoin, Arabian myrrh, cassia, spikenard, Liquidambar orientalis, labdanum, Atlas cedar, and vetiver

Hippie Spirit: A bohemian love-fest of head shop incense, sexy skin musk, dirty patchouli, groovy champa blossoms, and flowering cannabis

Sigil: From an ancient 16th century grimoire - olibanum frankincense, lignum aloes, bdellium, styrax, black honey, euphorbium, dried citrus, coffee beans, and ritual herbs

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml /.3 dram