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Ambre Extrait - Aged amber resin, Labdanum, Opopanax, Styrax, Agarwood - 100% Natural

Ambre Extrait - Aged amber resin, Labdanum, Opopanax, Styrax, Agarwood - 100% Natural

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Our 100% natural aged amber accord is an exquisite blend of some of the most precious and spiritually redolent resins including: North African Rock Rose, Cambodian Agarwood, Prussian Amber resin, Madagascar Vanilla, Nepalese Spikenard, Somalian Opopanax, Tunisian Liquidambar, Himalayan Cedar, and Honduran Styrax.

In its bouquet, a true amber-lover will be able to detect notes of wild honey, red earth, pale wood, temple incense, smoke, beeswax, sap, bark, saffron, velvet, skin musk, crushed citrus flowers, butter, and suede.

These are natural unguent oils and resins so we've added a little meadowfoam oil to make our amber free-flowing and skin safe. Skin testing is advised.


Yes! there is light in that lone chamber,
And o'er her silken Ottoman
Are thrown the fragrant beads of amber,
O'er which her fairy fingers ran;
Near these, with emerald rays beset,
(How could she thus that gem forget?)
Her mother's sainted amulet,
Whereon engraved the Koorsee text,
Could smooth this life, and win the next;
And by her Comboloio lies
A Koran of illumined dyes;
And many a bright emblazon'd rhyme
By Persian scribes redeem'd from time;
And o'er those scrolls, not oft so mute,
Reclines her now neglected lute;
And round her lamp of fretted gold
Bloom flowers in urns of China's mould;
The richest work of Iran's loom,
And Sheeraz' tribute of perfume;
All that can eye or sense delight
Are gather'd in that gorgeous room...
-- Lord Byron
Art: "Queen Mab's Cave" by Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1846