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Alkemia and TapRoots presents: Olfactory Offerings

Alkemia Perfumes and TapRoots presents: Olfactory Offerings


Alkemia Perfumes has teamed up in musical-olfactory collaboration with world fusion group - TapRoots, to create four limited edition scents to honor the Yoruba Orishas. Each perfume incorporates the ritual offerings traditionally given to each Orisha blended with inspirations from TapRoots songs. This artistic collaboration gives gratitude to the spirits that guide our artistic endeavors and invites you to enter into a multi-sensory experience of scent and sound. 

Accompanying the purchase of a 5 ml bottle/rollerball, is a digital copy of its partner song from the self-titled debut TapRoots CD (Taproots will email it when Alkemia sends your perfume). As a special offer, Taproots is offering a package that includes: all four Orisha inspired perfumes, a signed copy of the original CD, and a digital download of TapRoots’s next album (to be released in late 2021).

These perfumes can be purchased exclusively on the TapRoots webpage: https://www.thetaprootsmovement.com/shop 

  • Standing at the Crossroads: An olfactory paean to the Opener of Doors and Keeper of Pathways (Elegua). A sublime bouquet of serendipitous encounters, delicious paradoxes, lucky mistakes, and wrong things somehow turning out alright in the end - fresh-brewed dark roast coffee, creamy caramels, a little splash of rum, dark vanilla, succulent coconut, and a humidor of fine Cuban cigars.
  • Arrow in the Forest: An evening serenade to the Lord of the Hunt (Ochossi). The earthy musk of a forest floor at twilight, balsam needles, hemlock pine, dark patchouli, flowing tree sap, dry incense woods, dark green aldehydes, cardamom pods, vetiver root, and wormwood absinthe.
  • Song to the Ocean: An exaltation to the Mother of the Ocean Waters (Yemaya). Warm Caribbean ocean breezes buoyed by delicate Butterfly jasmine, water musk, cyclamen, white roses, sapodilla, and melon. 
  • Amber Goddess: An ode to the Lady of Love and Life's Delights (Ochun). Sensual vanilla, sugarcane water, and golden honey infused with warm spices, fig, and fresh pumpkin.

Like Alkemia’s unique perfume blends, TapRoots music is a complex cross-cultural sonic tapestry woven from salsa, timba, jazz, samba, reggae, ska, go-go, Afro-beat, Afro-cuban folkloric songs, and a little bit of rock'n'roll.

Critics praise for the debut TapRoots CD: 

“A feast for the senses, this music is for the mind, body and spirit; It will get you dancing ecstatically as well as thinking deeply about the world around you.”

“Acoustic and electric, voice, coquis, crickets, ocean waves and a multitude of instruments come together in a formidable energy of rhythm and lyric that also folds in various instruments of language and thought as found in its political, linguistic, and spiritual forms.”

“A tap root is a strong, wide root which grows deep into the earth and is a center from which other rootlets spring. This album is a taproot for humanity. The earth, spirit, redemption, and collective liberation spring from its musical source.”


Questions about these oils? Reach out through the TapRoots website: https://www.thetaprootsmovement.com/contact