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The Spicetree Perfume
The Spicetree Perfume

The Spicetree Perfume

Cardamon, Nutmeg, Rosewood, Spice Tree, Grains of Paradise, Black Mountain Cherrywood, Mossy Cypress

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Autumn spices (cardamon, nutmeg, Grains of Paradise) filter like warm sunlight through a fantastical forest of Rosewood, Spice Tree, Black Mountain Cherrywood, and Mossy Cypress.

"It is woven of twigs of broken light,
With threads of scarlet and threads of gray
And a lining of down for silk delight.
To their Eden, the moon, fly home our doves,
Up through the boughs of the great spice-tree;—
And one is the kiss I took from you,
And one is the kiss you gave to me."

-- Vachel Lindsay (1915)

Art: Autumn's Garland by Tom Thomson, circ. 1915-1916