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Flora and Fauna Sample Set

Flora and Fauna Sample Set

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Flora and Fauna (nature inspired)

- Lover Tells of Rose
Rambling wild roses, lemon verbena, white pearl tea leaves, white patchouli, and a springtime rebirth of new greens and wet mosses.

- Gaea
Forest loam, new ferns in decaying leaves, maple sap flowing over lichens, mosses and wet stones at the edge of a vernal pool

- Shinrin Yoku
A forest hymn - Japanese grapefruit, petitgrain, black pepper, spicebush, sunlit green cedar, conifers, green patchouli, vetiver, stream water, wet clay, and dark loam.

- Midnight Garden
An incantation in the language of flowers: tuberose (dangerous pleasures), lily (majestic beauty), honeysuckle (binding love), gardenia (secret passions) and moonflower (inspiring love).

- Vert sur le Vert
Green, green, green, and more freshly smooshed sweet greens, new grasses, new leaves

- Baccante
High bush blueberries, wild ivy, Spanish lavender, aged oakmoss, tonka, decaying bark, and forest fungi.