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After Eden Perfume

After Eden Perfume

Amber, Linen, Gingerflower, Osmanthus, Dianthus, Maile leaves

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Gauzy amber and billowy linen slowdancing with Malay Gingerflower, osmanthus tea, dianthus, white Tiare flowers, saffron crocus, and maile leaves swaying in a gentle sea breeze.

After Eden, all terrace, pool, and flower recollect thee:
Ye weavers in saffron and haze and Tyrian purple,
Tell yet what range in color wakes the eye;
Sorcerer, release the dreams born here when
Drowsy, shifting palm-shade enspells the brain;
And sound! ye with harp and flute ne'er essay
Before these star-noted birds escaped from paradise awhile to
Stir all dark, and dear, and passionate desire, till mine
Arms go out to be mocked by the softly kissing body of the wind.

— Anne Bethel Spencer

Art: Vintage Jugend Magazine Cover, 1897