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Flora and Fauna Sample Set

Flora and Fauna Sample Set

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A nature inspired collection of flora and fauna of the woodlands, fields, and gardens.

Bacchante: High bush blueberries, wild ivy, Spanish lavender, aged oakmoss, tonka, decaying bark, and forest fungi

Dryad: A woodlands frolic of Balsam poplar, Larch, Kukicha twig tea, Pondorosa bark, Australian sandalwood, Wet moss, Violet leaf, Lily of the Valley, and Vanilla grass

Gaea: Forest loam, new ferns poking up through decaying leaves, maple sap flowing over lichens, mosses, wet stones at the edge of a vernal pool

Lover Tells of Rose: Rambling wild roses, lemon verbena, white pearl tea leaves, delicate white patchouli, new greens, wet mosses

Midnight Garden: A hauntingly beautiful intoxication of night-flowering white flowers – tuberose, lily, honeysuckle, gardenia, and moonflower

Vert Sur le Vert: Green, green, green, and more freshly smooshed sweet greens - new grasses, new leaves, broken tomato stems

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml /.3 dram