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Magic & Mystery Sample Set

Magic & Mystery Sample Set

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Magic & Mystery (atmospheric incenses):

- Arcanum
An incense blend of frankincense, nag champa, and dragons blood with enigmatic eastern spices, aged patchouli, and santalum

- Book of Shadows
A biblichor of eldritch books - heavy parchment paper, ancient iron oak gall ink, crumbling leather bindings, and wafts of rare incenses

- Hippie Spirit
A bohemian love-fest of resinous head shop incenses, sexy skin musk, slightly dirty patchouli, groovy champa blossoms, and flowering cannabis

- Arabesque
A spiritual woodwork of aged Arabian and Mysore sandalwood deconstructed with precious Egyptian kyphi, sweet orris root, cassia, and blessed spikenard

- Sigil
From a 16th century grimoire - Olibanum frankincense, lignum aloes, bdellium, black honey, euphorbium, coffee bean, ritual herbs, dried citrus, and the quintessence of gold

- Hexennacht
Freshly turned spring earth, new grasses, and an incantation of thirty-seven ceremonial incense elements that have been aged for thirteen lunar cycles