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Haunted & Bewitched Perfume

Haunted & Bewitched Perfume

Egyptian Amber, Jasmine, Rosewater Turkish Delight, Madagascar Vanilla, Caramel, Patchouli

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A spellbinding captivation of Egyptian white amber, star jasmine, ambrette seed, rosewater Turkish delight, pink pepper, Madagascar vanilla, bourbon caramels, aged patchouli infused with sexy botanical pheromones.

"Now in the reeds [her] face looks white
As witch-down on a witches' night;
Now through the dark old haunted mill,
So eerily, so eerily,
[S]he flits; and with a whippoorwill
Mouth calls, and seems to syllable,
'Come follow me! come follow me!"

-- Madison Julius Cawein

 Art: Will-O'-the-Wisp by Elizabeth Adela Armstrong Forbes, c.1900