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Uncharted Perfume

Uncharted Perfume

Bay rum, nutmeg, crushed seashells, allspice, vetiver, neroli, pimento, balsam, coriander, and mahogany

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To travel uncharted waters is to sail not to a destination, but instead toward a boundless journey of infinite possibilities. A perfume of wild Caribbean shores, warm trade winds, marine mysteries, and botanicals associated with protection for travelers - West Indian Bay rum, nutmeg, pomelo, crushed seashells, allspice berries, mamoncillo, Haitian vetiver, neroli flowers, pimento, sea moss, elemi balsam, coriander, mahogany wood, and salt soaked driftwood. 

My ship has tasted water in strange seas,
And bartered goods at still uncharted isles.
She's oft coquetted with a tropic breeze,
And sheered off hurricanes with jaunty smiles. - Amy Lowell

Art: Bananas and Rocks at Paquetá, Brazil by Marianne North, c. 1883