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The Greening Wood Perfume

The Greening Wood Perfume

New greens, clover, celery, verbena, ionized breezes, juniper berries, violet leaf, iris, galbanum, grey amber, sandalwood and wet river stones.

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A hymn to the early greening of spring - frost-nipped new greens, crimson clover tops, Winter King celery, verbena, softly ionized breezes, early snowdrops, Witch Hazel flowers, blue juniper berries, violet leaf, Florentine Iris, galbanum, grey amber, west Indian sandalwood and mineralistic wet river stones.

Some startled bird, with fluttering wings and fleet,
Made snow of all the blossoms; at my feet,
Like silver crowns, the pale narcissi lay,
And small birds sang on every twining spray.

O waving trees, O forest liberty!
Within your haunts at least a man is free,
And half forgets the weary world of strife:
The blood flows hotter, and a sense of life
Wakes i' the quickening veins, while once again
The woods are filled with gods we fancied slain.

- Oscar Wilde

Art: The Magician Klingsor's Garden by Christian Jank, 19th century