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A light skinned woman with dark hair wearing a diaphanous orange silken gown delicately loosens a tie to reveal the smooth expanse of her shoulder and the curved top of her breast.

Virtue of Desire Perfume

Honey amber musk, Dark patchouli, White chocolate truffles, Peach brandy, Plumeria, Raspberry creams

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A sexy complexity of caramel amber musk, dark patchouli, apricot-rosewater white chocolate truffles, peach brandy, plumeria, coconut sage, Tiare, raspberry cream, and neroli orange flowers.

I resolved to make a virtue of my desire.

My rewards will be commensurate with your gifts
if only you give me the one that lifts
me laughing...

And though it costs you nothing,
still it is of immense value to me.

Your reward will be
not just to fly
but to soar, so high
that your joys vastly exceed your desires.

And my beauty, to which your heart aspires
and which you never tire of praising,
I will employ for the raising
of your spirits. Then, lying sweetly at your side,
I will shower you with all the delights of a bride,
which I have more expertly learned.

Veronica Franco (1546-1591)
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Art: A Classical Beauty by Luis Falero, 1889