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Alkemia Perfumes Introductory Sample Set

Alkemia Perfumes Introductory Sample Set

A sampling of nine of our most beloved perfume offerings

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We invite you to begin your olfactory journey with us or introduce a friend with this sampling of nine of our most beloved perfume offerings. The set includes a special postcard detailing scent notes and ideas for creatively using our perfumes to scent your world.

1. Arabesque: Beautifully aged Arabian sandalwood, Egyptian kyphi, sweet orris root, benzoin resin, cassia, and blessed spikenard

2. Cherries of Night (Special Reserve): A naughty flirtation of black cherries exquisitely bathed in Maraschino liqueur, cherry amber, musky black amber, dark spiced rum, warm nutmeg, and Peru balsam.

3. Elixir of Aphrodite: A love spell of Persian apricots dipped in orange blossom honey swirling with a sensual enchantment of peach and plum blossoms, mimosa, white star jasmine, ambrette, guaiac wood, and vanilla musk.

4. Enigma: An anti-perfume and rumored to have pheromonic qualities, Iso Super E is a subtle scent aura morphing with pulsations of subtle musk, dry woods, and ambergris

5. Gothique: A Byzantine monastic incense of Somalian frankincense, styrax benzoin, Arabian myrrh, cassia, spikenard, Liquidambar orientalis, labdanum, Atlas cedar, and vetiver

6. Lilacs Along the Winding Drive: Purple lilac bushes, light spring rain, a pebbled driveway, and a small handful of late blooming violets.

7. Luminae: Skin-glow. A soft scent to enchant your skin with a luminescent olfactory radiance.

8. Moss Maiden: Luxuriant mosses, lichen, calamus root, cedar tips, disturbed leaves

9. Silken Tent: Candied angelica, chrysanthemums, white flowering Nardo, clove flowers, jasmine-scented rice pudding, blonde caramel infused with golden amber

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram