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Aldéhydes Perfume Layering Note

Aldéhydes Perfume Layering Note

Perfume Aroma Molecules - Airy, effervescent, sparkly, clean

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Aldéhydes (Aldehyde) are perfume aroma molecules that add a clean, sparkly element to perfumes. Airy and effervescent, they help make scents 'pop.'

Best layered over: Greens, herbals, citrus, teas, light florals, light musks, white amber, and aquatics

Best for fixing: Perfumes that are uninteresting, too linear, or that need 'lightening' up for hotter weather

Layering notes let you shift and alter your scents to match your mood or the seasons, to take advantage of subtle skin chemistry changes, or to dabble with the olfactory arts of niche perfumery. Layering notes are also an easy way to customize your favorite scents and make them uniquely and unforgettably yours.... or can help rekindle a romance with perfume you once loved but are getting a little bored with. The simplicity and uncomplicated linear qualities of single notes are distinctive in and of themselves for stand alone.

 Art: Children Blowing Bubbles by Jean-Etienne Liotard, c. mid 1700s