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Kara Sevda Perfume

Kara Sevda Perfume

Blood orange, Taif roses, Peach blossoms, Amasya musk apples, Medlar, White pomegranates

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An insouciant romance of blood oranges, Taif roses, peach blossoms, Amasya musk apples, medlar, white pomegranate in a lush garden of gin palace botanicals -- blue juniper berries, coriander, elderflowers, Primofiore citrus peel, angelica, Grains of Paradise, and violet root.

"Drink in the rose garden, no matter what they say.
Enjoy yourself in this world, no matter what they say.
What’s the difference between slur and praise to me in this world.
Let the beloveds live long no matter what they say."

-- Mihrî Hatun, 15th century

Art: Two Ladies Embracing at a Jharoka by unknown artist, 1820-30