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Dark Academe Perfume Sample Set

Dark Academe Perfume Sample Set

A collection of old libraries, antique desks, fountain pens, and literary tragedies

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A perfume sampler collection of old libraries, antique desks, fountain pens, literary tragedies, anti-heroes, secret romances, and lost poems.

Academy of Pleasure: Red and golden ambers, fine cognac, sueded leather, bergamot scented linen, cardamon-hashish coffee

As Dark Things Are Meant to be Loved: Lapsang souchong tea, smoked black amber, dark patchouli, bakhoor incense, caramelized opium, black coffee, black coconut, tabac

Dustsceawung: An olfactory meditation on dust... attic air, the inside of old trunks, library stacks, and abandoned buildings.

Old Books and Fresh Flowers: Fresh neroli orange flowers and heliotrope blossoms pressed between the delicate paper pages of a leather-bound book

Persian Tearoom: Warm black chai tea, Silk Road spices, sensual musk, soft leather

The Raven: Ebony heartwood, black amber, piper nigrum, black iris, black fountain pen ink

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram

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