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Book of Shadows Perfume

Book of Shadows Perfume

Old leatherbound books, Parchment paper, Antique ink

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A biblichor of eldritch books - heavy parchment paper, ancient iron oak gall ink, crumbling leather bindings, and wafts of rare incenses.

"Time-eaten, like his books, and worn

With teen and strong endeavour,

Pure heart, flame burning ever,

Whence lofty thought and verse were born,

With lamp-lit toil he met the morn.

And wealth bequeathed by ages old

Stood round him piled, enshelved,

Wherein he nightly delved,

Nor paused when grey was smitten gold..." -J.J. Britton "A Bookworm" (1884)


Art: Dutch Vanitas Still Life by Unknown Artist, c. mid-1600s