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Ýdalir Perfume - 100% Natural Origin

Ýdalir Perfume - 100% Natural Origin

100% Natural - Fossil amber, Oakmoss absolute, Siberian Black Pine, Smoked juniper tar, Balsam pine

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Mysterious, smoky, and primal. A 100% natural origin scent of Megalithic ancestral memory - 35 million year old fossilized amber resin, oakmoss absolute, Siberian Black Pine, smoked Juniper tar, and balsam pine needles preserved in a base of pure, cold pressed Meadowfoam seed oil. 

"Do you remember when we went
Under a dragon moon,
And `mid volcanic tints of night
Walked where they fought the unknown fight
And saw black trees on the battle-height,
Black thorn on Ethandune?
And I thought, "I will go with you,
As man with gods has gone,
And wander with a wandering star,
The wandering heart of things that are,
The fiery cross of love and war
That like yourself, goes on."

-- GK Chesterton

Art: Broder Martin by John Bauer, 1913

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram