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De Herba Sanctissima Perfume - Overstock

De Herba Sanctissima Perfume - Overstock

Deep Overstock Discount! Cannabis, Frangipani, Vanilla, Black currant, Pekoe tea, Vetiver, Black opium, Patchouli incense, Tonka

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A sensual reverie of purple cannabis flower accord, frangipani blossoms, vanilla beans, black currant, star anise, pekoe tea, vetiver root, galangal, black opium, patchouli incense, tonka bean, and Atlas cedar.

Chant me a word of the twilight,
Of roses that mourn in the fall.
Bring me a song like hashish
That will comfort the stale and the sad,
For I would be mending my spirit,
Forgetting these days that are bad...

- Lindsay Vachel

Art: The Opium Pipe by Leon Herbo, c. 1902