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In a Northern Wood Perfume

In a Northern Wood Perfume

Elemi balsam, Amyris, Balsam fir, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Opoponax, Oudwood, Fern, Woodsmoke, Fungi

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A primaeval forest sanctuary of Elemi balsam, balsam fir needles, charred cedar heartwood, dark oakmoss, opoponax, aged oudwood, deerstongue fern, woodsmoke, aromatic fungi, patchouli, and loam.

Fragrant are the cedar-boughs stretching green and level,
Feasting-halls where waxwings flit at their spicy revel,
But O the pine, the questing pine, that flings its arms on high
To search the secret of the sun and escalade the sky!
Rueful hemlocks, gaunt and old, with boughs a-droop, despairing,
Clutch for touch of mother-earth; the while the pine is daring
To rock the stars amid its cones and lull them with its croon,
And snare the silver eagle that is nested in the moon.

- Katharine Lee Bates (In a Northern Wood)

Art: Study for Im Zauberwald by Heinrich Schlitt, 1902