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Academy of Pleasure Perfume

Academy of Pleasure Perfume

Red and Golden Amber infused with Cognac, Cedar smoked Suede, Antique wood, Cardamon-Hashish Coffee

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Perfumed secrets from the private rooms of an elegantly debauched gentleman. An indecent proposal of red and golden ambers infused with a bottle of fine cognac liqueur, a suede waistcoat hurriedly abandoned on an antique chair, a haphazard tangle of bergamot scented linen sheets, cardamon-hashish coffee, and a cedar lined cigar humidor.

"I shall hope my businesse will not deserve your anger while I onely beg your company tomorrow at two after Noon at Mr. XXXX his house, where XXXXX and my self are resolved to sacrifice as much Sack as would turn a Mill, to Mirth and Beauty; you must be our Venus, the Oblation will not off else: your incomparable beauty must irradiate the Temple where we mean to Tipple, our Devotion will be as cold as Scythian Ice else. Thus humbly and earnestly begging that you would not faile, I kisse your hands, and remain, your eternal Servant."

Excerpt from "A wanton Letter to a witty Gentlewoman, desiring her company such a day at such a place." Author Anon. 1656

Art: Brothel Scene by Nikolaus Knupfer, 1630