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Curious Oddities Sample Set

Curious Oddities Sample Set

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Curious Oddities (avant garde):
- Center of the Universe
From astronauts' descriptions of space and aliphatic esters of the Milky Way - welded metal, gunpowder, burnt almond cookies, ozone, raspberries, rum

- Industrial Sabotage
A cataclysmic wreckage of burnt wires; twisted melted steel; shattered machinery, and gunpowder

- Deus Ex Machina
Fire hardened steel, rusted iron, warm motor oil, wet cement, burnt copper wires, and grey amber

- St Louis Cemetery
An atmospheric brooding of Spanish moss, crumbling stone, old cement, red clay brick, and graveyard dirt.

- Supernatural
A prismatic shapeshifter of Iso-E, Ambrox, cruelty-free Tonkin musk, and intricate spirals of aroma molecules.

- Memoriam
An olfactory ode to love and loss. Heirloom roses, memories wrapped in woodsmoke, a scattering of ashes.