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Rondeaux d'Amour Perfume

Rondeaux d'Amour Perfume

Black plum, Saffron, Jasmine, Orris root, Red rose, Amber, Vanilla Incense, Pheromones, Patchouli

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A sex bomb of juicy black plum, spicy saffron, jasmine sambac, orris root, dark red roses, sexy golden amber, vanilla incense, slightly dirty patchouli, and botanical pheromones.

BEFORE the night come, and the day expire,
The blossoms redden with the sun's desire——
Only the passion-flowers are colourless,
Burnt up and wasted with their own excess,
And tinted like the ashes of their fire.

Look down and see the reddest rose aspire
To touch your hand—he climbs the trellis-wire,
Burning to reach your indolent caress,
Before the night.

Ah, Love, be wise! for all too soon we tire,
When once the longed-for guerdon we acquire.
The wonder that we think not to possess,
Once in our keeping, holds us less and less.
Nay—let us love, nor all too much inquire,
Before the night.

During the night I felt you breathing deep
Against my heart—and yet I did not weep
With perfect passion! fearing only this,
One golden moment of the night to miss—
The sacred night that was not made for sleep!

-- Dolf Wyllarde (Dorothy Margarette Selby Lowndes)

Art: Cupid and Psyche by Corvi Domenico, 1874