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Dark Academe Perfume Sample Set

Dark Academe Perfume Sample Set

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Sit yourself down in that old leather armchair, and pore over these olfactory scentsations that speak of smoky libraries filled with ancient knowledge, antique desks stacked high with books, dark photos, brooding poetry and burning candles atop o weathered skull

Academy of Pleasure: Red and golden ambers, fine cognac, sueded leather, bergamot scented linen, cardamon-hashish coffee

As Dark Things Are Meant to be Loved: Lapsang souchong tea, smoked black amber, dark patchouli, bakhoor incense, caramelized opium, black coffee, black coconut, tabac

Dustsceawung: An olfactory meditation on dust... attic air, the inside of old trunks, library stacks, and abandoned buildings.

Old Books and Fresh Flowers: Fresh neroli orange flowers and heliotrope blossoms pressed between the delicate paper pages of a leather-bound book

Persian Tearoom: Warm black chai tea, Silk Road spices, sensual musk, soft leather

The Raven: Ebony heartwood, black amber, piper nigrum, black iris, black fountain pen ink

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram