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Sensual Seductions II Sample Set

Sensual Seductions II Sample Set

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A sequel collection of our favorite coquetries and sensual enticements.

Carmilla: An enigmatic veil of Ambre marocain, cashmere musk, Malgas lily, Ylang-ylang, dark Bourbon rose, soft patchouli, and erotic whispers of jasmine incense.

Elegant Coquette: A bright flirtation of sheer white florals, sparkling elderflower wine, raspberry leaf, tea roses, tagettes, white peach, plum, golden apricots, and fresh picked raspberries.

Haunted and Bewitched: A captivation of Egyptian amber, rosewater Turkish delight, star jasmine, Madagascar vanilla, bourbon caramel, patchouli, and botanical pheromones.

Honored Ghosts: A sensual offering of Earl Grey tea, black raspberry creams, rosewater-saffron syrup, cinnamon honey, white amber, and vanilla incense.

Kashish: A white floral enticement of white gardenias, tuberose, night blooming jasmine, and rare orchid.

Pleasures of Love: A love philtre of ginger flower, mandarin, ripe plum, saffron, pink pepper, almond blossom, masala chai, pink lotus, jasmine, tonka, white chocolate, and orris.