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Sensual Seductions Sample Set

Sensual Seductions Sample Set

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Sensual Seductions (scents of seduction)

- Salome
A seductive love philtre. Queen of the Night, black plum, cognac, bitter orange, Bourbon vanilla, vetiver, red oud, and botanical pheromones.

- Come to Me
A conjure recipe for romance - candied rose, jasmine, peach, cardamon figs, pink pepper, tonka, cashmeran, white amber, sugar musk, botanical pheromones, and Jezebel root

- Silken Tent
Candied angelica, chrysanthemums, white flowering Nardo, clove flowers, jasmine-scented rice pudding, blonde caramel, infused with golden amber.

- Ambre Caramelise
Gourmand ambre blanc caramelized with slow, seductive swirls of brown sugar.

- Evil Temptress
An elegance of saffron, carnations, bourbon roses, pears in honey cognac, cashmeran, dark caramel, leather, black opium, and cardamon patchouli.

- Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
An opulence of cashmere, boudoir incense, caramel pralines, vanilla orchids, bergamot, orris root, candied lemon peel, and a splash of champagne.