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Gentleman's Club Sample Set

Gentleman's Club Sample Set

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Gentlemen’s Club (scents favored by men)

- Gentleman Adventurer’s Club
Refined sandalwood, fine aged bourbon, worn leather infused with memories of campfires, wild rockrose, Indian zingiber, African pelargonium, Mayan sikars, and balsam fir.

- Viridis Arcanum
A dark green mystery of Turkish galbanum incense resin, Russian leather, and the fresh tips of coniferous Siberian forest greens.

- Caveau de Innocents
An elegant iniquity of tabac, dark coffee, cloves, rum soaked pears, candied citron, dark caramel, star anise, labdanum, hashish, benzoin, vanilla incense, and guaiac wood.

- Forest Patchouli
An untamed wildness of Siberian pine, balsam fir, mistletoe blended with the rustic earthiness of iron distilled patchouli and fire cured spices.

- Samhain
A slightly bitter introspection of smouldering fire, tannic oakwood, raw whiskey, and smoky cedar.

- The Spicetree
Cardamon, nutmeg, grains of paradise filtering like warm sunlight through an aromatic forest of rosewood, spicetree, Black Mountain cherrywood, and mossy cypress.