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Preview: Autumn Elixirs Perfume Collection 2023

Autumn Elixirs will go live at 12 noon EST on Friday, September 1st

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox with sunlit days growing shorter and nights chillier – we are reminded again of the turning of the seasons as we in the Northern Hemisphere head into the darker half of the year. This Fall’s perfume collection, Autumn Elixirs, was inspired by the many facets of autumn - warm light, impending darkness, cozy sweaters, full moon risings, joyful harvests, and flirtations at the coffee shop.
  • Béguin: An autumn enchantment of pear wood, tart apples, black fig, candied saunf mithai, Gorse flowers, heliotrope, and vegan honey wrapped in an embrace of cashmere and white amber.
  • Bronze and Blaze: Autumnal bronze amber aged with cognac barrel staves, red oak leaves, Perique pipe tobacco, raw cashmere wool, opoponax (sweet myrrh), and soft suede gloves warmed by a creamy and steamy cup of Bourbon vanilla coffee.
  • Electric Fur: The essence of impure thoughts. The strange and shockingly sensual scent of aroused skin and soft musky fur.
  • Moon Lust: A powerfully alluring sexiness of creamy white ambers, blonde woods, and luminescent skin notes.
  • Patchouli Amour: A connoisseur’s blend of three patchoulis – a dark and musk-earthy copper distilled aged patchouli; a green but slightly balsamic young patchouli; and a warm light amber patchouli all blended together with a touch of agarwood. As with many things in life, patchouli gets more complex, full-bodied, and richly alluring as it ages over time.
  • Writer’s Blood: The primal angst of artistic passion - the iron-tinged smell of cooling blood, a manuscript soaked in spilled black coffee, and an overturned tin of rolling tobacco.
In addition to our new releases and the return of Center of the Universe, we are delighted to announce the newly re-curated Curious Oddities sample set!
September’s gift with purchase is Pumpkin Alchemy - a fusion of handpicked Adriatic white figs, the exquisite sweetness of Musquee de Provence heirloom pumpkin, tiny bursts of red currants, velvety notes of butterscotchy sycamore syrup, Madagascar vanilla layered with hints of nutmeg, clove, and Ceylon cinnamon, and warm wood notes. Our alchemies are our gift to you with any order over $50 (excluding shipping).
Art: The Girl With The Golden Eyes by Alix Aymé, 1920