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Astrology and Zodiac Perfumes: An Olfactory Journey Through the Best Astrological Fragrance Notes for Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

The following is a general guide to matching fragrance notes with zodiac sun, rising, and moon signs, but feel free to experiment and choose astrology scents that might resonate with you or even try creating a personal olfactory horoscope by layering zodiac perfumes for your personal sun, moon, and/or rising signs. If you don't know your moon or rising sign or were born on the cusp between two sun signs, the Astrological Association offers a free birthchart calculator. Matching zodiac fragrance notes with astrological signs is a fun way to explore ideas for new perfumes, but it's important to remember that the most important thing is to wear fragrances that appeal to your individual aesthetic, style, and personality. 

Aries (March 21 - April 20) & Aries Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Aries Perfume Notes: Bright citruses, snappy spices, woody greens, leather
  • The spirited and adventurous essence of Aries finds its aromatic counterpart in invigorating scents that embrace an audacious flair. These fragrances come alive with notes such as bergamot, bay rum, exotic woods, and the refreshing touch of crisp leather. A dash of snappy spices like pepper and clove mirror the fervent enthusiasm for life that defines this fiery sign.
  • Some of our best Aries zodiac perfumes are:

Taurus (April 20 - May 21) & Taurus Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Taurus Perfume Notes: Rich earth, hay, cuddly cashmere, florals, indulgent gourmands and fruits, patchouli
  • Taurus's profoundly grounded and earthy essence finds eloquent expression in scents inspired by nature with notes of flowers and fertile soil, or in the embrace of luxuriously comforting elements like soft cashmere or delightfully indulgent gourmand fragrances with fruity undertones. Taurus's opulent sensuality is further complemented by the raw allure of patchouli and musk notes.
  • Some of our best Taurus zodiac perfumes are:

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) & Gemini Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Gemini Perfume Notes: Light musks, airy aldehydes, Iso-e, green tea, clean woods 
  • Gemini's vibrant and quick-witted spirit shines through fragrant notes that are airy, captivating, and adaptable for various settings. Versatile elements such as scintillating aldehydes, ethereal musks, intriguing aroma molecules, crisp tea, and lively woods all resonate with Gemini's ever-changing disposition. Embracing their mutable nature, those strongly influenced by Gemini often favor alternating between two or more perfumes that articulate the diverse facets of this sign's myriad personas.
  • Some of our best Gemini zodiac perfumes are:

Cancer (June 21 - July 23) & Cancer Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Cancer Perfume Notes: Gentle aquatics, romantic florals, warm vanilla, ambergris, nostalgic gourmands 
  • Cancer's nurturing essence finds embodiment in fragrances that stir emotional bonds and cocoon the wearer in feelings of solace and reassurance. Tenderly romantic florals such as rose and jasmine, coupled with evocative scents like the soothing warmth of vanilla and nostalgic childhood delights, create a sanctuary akin to the gentle embrace of soft cashmere, offering comfort to the sensitive Cancer spirit. Subtle white musks, oceanic ambergris, and tranquil aquatic notes conjure moonlit recollections of seaside walks and holding hands on a summer night.
  • Some of our best Cancer zodiac perfumes are:

Leo (July 23 - August 23) & Leo Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Leo Perfume Notes: Elegant florals, luxe cashmere, rare spices, playfully flirtatious musks
  • The captivating magnetism of regal Leo essence finds its perfect match in a truly memorable signature fragrance. Scents that exude a sense of opulent luxury and self-assuredness, woven with hints of refined citrus, flirtatious musks, elegant cashmere, and opulent florals stand as prime contenders to claim the distinction of being a Leo's cherished signature scent.
  •  Some of our best Leo zodiac perfumes are:

Virgo (August 23 - September 23) and Virgo Rising/Moon

  • Best Virgo Perfume Notes: Garden fresh herbs and flowers, soft moss, clean aquatics, Sandalwood 
  • Virgo's essence takes pleasure in fragrances that harmonize the tranquil serenity of crisp and uncomplicated notes with the zen-like presence of woody and mossy elements. Virgo's often restless energy finds solace and respite in uncomplicated, linear scents that accentuate the perfection of a single fragrance element. Health-conscious Virgos will also want to know their perfumes are free of toxic ingredients like phthalates and parabens.
  • Some of our best Virgo zodiac perfumes are:

Libra (September 23 - October 23) & Libra Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Key Libra Perfume Notes: Beautiful florals, inviting amber, soft powder, sensual musk
  • Libra's aura flourishes in fragrances that resonate with harmonious and balanced tones, echoing a deep appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. For individuals influenced by Libra's energy, the most fitting fragrant companions are sophisticated, artistic blends that effortlessly exude refined grace and a mastery of style.                    
  • Some of our best Libra zodiac perfumes are:

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22) & Scorpio Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Scorpio Perfume Notes: Dark florals, deep woods, incense, tobacco, sueded leather
  • Scorpio's essence gravitates toward intense and enigmatic fragrances that align with its aura of passion and mystery. Seductive bedroom scents that tease with an air of danger, and deep ritualistic incense notes that carry the weight of spiritual power, stand out as prime choices for Scorpio's olfactory expression. When merged with botanical pheromones, Scorpio's formidable sex magnetism and primal allure become devastatingly mesmerizing.
  • Some of our best Scorpio zodiac perfumes are:

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22) & Sagittarius Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Sagittarius Perfume Notes: Hay, warm musk, blonde woods, non-conformist perfume note combinations 
  • Sagittarius's essence comes alive in spirited and lively fragrances that mirror the Sagittarian enthusiasm for outdoor escapades, daring journeys, and unbridled liberty. Radiant musks, blonde woods, invigorating hay, and nonconformist elements that resonate with Sagittarius's inherent rebellious streak all encapsulate the sociable, expansive, and self-reliant spirit of the Archer.
  • Some of our best Sagittarius zodiac perfumes are:

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) & Capricorn Rising/Moon

  • Best Capricorn Perfume Notes: Old fashioned florals, expensive woods, tweed, classic spices
  • Capricorn's essence embraces understated, timeless scents that exude enduring grace. Elements evoking a touch of the past, such as violets, tweed, and lavender, alongside perfumes inspired by historical eras, all harmonize with the refined, slightly vintage demeanor of Capricorn. Capricorns are often naturally inclined toward sophisticated Saturnine fragrances, enriched with opulent ingredients that convey a sense of stealth wealth and hidden affluence.
  • Some of our best Capricorn zodiac perfumes are:

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19) & Capricorn Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Aquarius Perfume Notes: Aroma molecules, unconventional and avante garde notes, metallics, unusual aquatics
  • Aquarius's nonconformist essence gravitates towards avant-garde fragrances featuring unconventional notes and combinations that defy traditional gender boundaries. Uniquely intriguing scent elements like Iso-E and ambrox and perfumes that dare to blend strikingly original combinations perfectly align with Aquarius's iconoclastic mindset and innovative energy.
  • Some of our best Aquarian zodiac perfumes are:

Pisces (February 19 - March 21) & Pisces Rising/Moon Perfumes

  • Best Pisces Notes: Aquatics, water florals, ethereal
  • Pisces's essence is often attracted to fragrances that embody a dreamy, ever-changing, and otherworldly quality. Subtle aquatic and water floral notes, tender musks, and softly enveloping layers all mirror the imaginative and sensitive nature of Pisces, offering a sanctuary from the world's harsh edges.
  • Some of our best Pisces zodiac perfumes are:

Art: The Zodiac by Ernest Procter, 1925