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The TapRoots Orisha Perfume Sampler Collection - Special Pricing

The TapRoots Orisha Perfume Sampler Collection - Special Pricing

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Alkemia Perfumes has teamed up in musical-olfactory collaboration with world fusion group - TapRoots, to create a series of limited edition scents to honor the Yoruba Orishas. In this sample pack you will receive vials of:

Standing at the Crossroads: An olfactory paean to the Opener of Doors and Keeper of Pathways (Elegua). A sublime bouquet of serendipitous encounters, delicious paradoxes, lucky mistakes, and wrong things somehow turning out alright in the end - fresh-brewed dark roast coffee, creamy caramels, a little splash of rum, dark vanilla, succulent coconut, and a humidor of fine Cuban cigars.

Amber Goddess: An ode to the Lady of Love and Life's Delights (Ochun). Sensual vanilla, sugarcane water, and golden honey infused with warm spices, fig, and fresh pumpkin.

Arrow in the Forest: An evening serenade to the Lord of the Hunt (Ochossi). The earthy musk of a forest floor at twilight, balsam needles, hemlock pine, dark patchouli, flowing tree sap, dry incense woods, dark green aldehydes, cardamom pods, vetiver root, and wormwood absinthe.

Song to the Ocean: An exaltation to the Mother of the Ocean Waters (Yemaya). Warm Caribbean ocean breezes buoyed by delicate Butterfly jasmine, water musk, cyclamen, white roses, sapodilla, and melon.

Also included is a sample of Taproots Perfume - a cultural fusion of lemonwood, amber aldehydes, santal, agarwood, Cocobolo wood, Caribbean nutmeg, fevergrass, Spanish moss, dark oakmoss, and Haitian vetiver.

To order full size bottles: 

 Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram