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Scent Locket - Holiday Special! - Limited Quantity
Scent Locket - Holiday Special! - Limited Quantity

Scent Locket - Holiday Special! - Limited Quantity

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Modern day lockets evolved centuries earlier from amulets (an ornament or small piece of jewelry) which were thought to give worn for protection against evil, danger, or disease.  In the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, early lockets were worn by either women or men and could be a pendant, a ring, a brooch or a watch fob.  People would frequently display miniature portraits of loved ones, a lock of hair, or sometimes the lockets were made with small openings in which small perfumed fabric squares were placed to camouflage the stench for the unpleasant sanitary conditions.

During the Victorian era, perfumes were often not worn but rather sniffed when one came upon unsavory smells in the local town or village. In more modern eras, these small bottles or lockets allowed a person to refresh their scent if they happened upon someone whom they wished to impress. Scents have also been worn for protection or other magical doings over the years.

Whatever your intention, these wonderful scent lockets are an old fashioned way to wear your favorite Alkemia Perfumes. They come with a fashionable black silk ribbon chain and a small scent pad for adding drops of your favorite perfume oil. Styles will vary between round, oval, or heart shaped. This is an especially good way to wear perfumes if you need to temporarily take off your perfume for scent free environments. Scent lockets can also be hung in a car, locker, or placed in a dresser drawer.

These lockets also make for wonderful Holiday Gifts ... especially when paired with our Holiday Gift Bags!