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Past Arcanum Experiments

Past Arcanum Experiments

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Arcanum Experiments are perfuming experiments and happenstance musing from our workroom. While they didn't make the cut to our catalogue (or we didn't have enough ingredients to make a larger batch), we wanted to give you an opportunity for some playful olfactory exploration. None of these formulas are written down making each Experiment unique and unrepeatable.

Available only in amber 5 ml. bottles. As we pre-bottle these in advance, samples are not available. 

  1. 2022 #10 - White rum, black licorice, galbanum, rough spun tweed, cedar cigar boxes
  2. 2023 #1 - Chai honey amber, frankincense, almond macaroons, nutmeg, sweet oud, dark patchouli - almost sold out
  3. 2023 #2 - A medieval recipe for Rysshews of Fruyt (fig, apple, grape, pear, quince, citron), poudre fort (a medieval spice blend), with traces of smouldering firewood from the castle kitchens
  4. 2023 #3 - Old fashioned cabbage roses, saffron, heady jasmine, copal incense, cinnamon
  5. 2023 #5 - Ozone, wet sea moss, earl gray tea, tarragon, saffron, maidenhair fern, driftwood - SOLD OUT
  6. 2023 #6 - Soft white florals, juicy pears, spring violets, clover honey, white patchouli 
  7. 2023 #7 - Jasmine infused white amber, sugar cane, black currant, french vanilla ice cream, fresh pumpkin, lavender pastilles - SOLD OUT
  8. 2023 #8 - Orange dreamsicles, banana taffy, pink lotus, white amber - almost sold out
  9. 2023 #10 - Black musk, opium, galbanum, woodsmoke, vegan civet, black amber
  10. 2023 #12 - Strawberry infused incense resins, blackberry musk, black vanilla, Nag Champa
  11. 2023 #14 - A burst of sunny citruses, orange flowers, musk melon, ginger sorbet, clary sage
  12. 2023 #15 - Balsam pine boughs, wet moss, forest loam, bay rum, orchard fruit, cannabis flower
  13. 2023 #16 - Heady gardenias, jessamine, tuberose, heliotrope, white gingerflower
  14. 2023 #17 - French lavender, orris root, lilac musk, palmarosa, tangerine, spicebush