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Magus - Incense of the Dark Sun

Magus - Incense of the Dark Sun

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Based on an ancient Egyptian recipe called "Incense of the Dark Sun", Magus is a enigmatic conjuration of esoteric botanicals traditionally used to enhance spirituality and personal power. Rare black Ethiopian frankincense blended with the sensual musk of ambrette seed and the evocative mystery of labdanum and opoponax swirled with a smokey touch of vetivert root, Cambodian oud, and Somalian incense.


"And I know the host, the minute sparkling of darkness

Which vibrates untouched and virile through the grandeur of night,

But which, when dawn crows challenge, assaulting the vivid motes

Of living darkness, bursts fretfully, and is bright:

Runs like a fretted arc-lamp into light,

Stirred by conflict to shining, which else

Were dark and whole with the night." - D.H. Lawrence


Art: L'Incantation by Félicien Rops, 1909