Lacivius - Animal-friendly civet, Black musk, and Raw oud

Lacivius - Animal-friendly civet, Black musk, and Raw oud

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The essence of raw lust. An erotic, primal blend of carnal animal-safe civet, black musk, and raw oud. This is a dirty, earthy, animalistic scent that is not for everyone. It is designed to work with your own pheromone chemistry to sexualize your natural skin musks.

Lascivius can also be gently layered with perfumes that are 'too sweet' to damp down the sweetness. Oud in particular is a morphing element that slowly develops over 5 to 15 minutes on the skin and on many people will continue to morph over the course of several hours. It can also be used as a smoke-free alternative to incense.

"Oh the honey and the gall

Of that black enchanter's lips

As he croons to the eclipse

Mingling that most puissant spell

Of the giant gods of hell

With the four ingredients

Of the evil elements;

Ambergris from golden spar,

Musk of ox from Mongol jar..." - A. Crowley