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Elation Perfume - Ltd. Special Reserve

Elation Perfume - Ltd. Special Reserve

White oud, Caramel, Blonde woods, Mai de Rose, Red saffron, Rose geranium, Ylang-ylang, Nutmeg

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White sweet oud, smoke tinged caramel and soft blonde woods smouldering in an intense luxuriance of Mai de Rose, red saffron, bergamot, rose geranium, aphrodisiac ylang-ylang, piquant nutmeg, and rare white ambergris.

"Let's offer flowers, pour a cup of libation,
split open the skies and start anew on creation.

If the forces of grief invade our lovers' veins,
cupbearer and I will wash away this temptation.

With rose water we'll mellow crimson wine's bitter cup;
we'll sugar the fire to sweeten smoke's emanation.

Take this fine lyre, musician, strike up a love song;
let's dance, sing all night, go wild in celebration.

As dust, O West Wind, let us rise to the Heavens,
floating free in Creator's glow of elation."

Hafiz, 14th century
(trans. Haleh Pourafzal and Roger Montgomery)

Art: Persian miniature by unknown artist, c. 14th century

Sample vials contain approximately 1ml / .3 dram