Eggnog Noel 2019

Eggnog Noel 2019

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A festive revelry of creamy eggnog (from a 17th century recipe) with West Indies nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, and splash of dark Caribbean rum, passionately embraced by sweet Egyptian amber. We are not responsible for any surprise mistletoe kisses...

"And I shall hear what none shall hear -
The hardy robin piping clear,
The Storm King gallop dark and drear
Across the sky;
And I shall know what none shall know -
The silent kisses of the snow,
The Christmas candles' silver glow.." - Robert William Service

A dozen more were in their glories
With laughs and smokes and smutty stories;
And Jimmy joked and took his sup
And sang his song of "Up, come up."

Jane brought the bowl of stewing gin
And poured the egg and lemon in,
And whisked it up and served it out
While bawdy questions went about. - John Masefield